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Recent Publications

Tipsheet: Building Community Supports for Young People in the Transition Years: A Tip Sheet for Service Providers (PDF)

Tipsheet (Spanish version): "Durante las Reuniones no Soporto Cuando..." Una Guía para Facilitadores y Miembros del Equipo ("During Meetings I Can't Stand it When..." A Guide for Facilitators and Team Members) (PDF)

Tipsheet (Spanish version): Sugerencias para tus Reuniones en Equipo: Una Guía para Jóvenes (Tips for Your Team Meetings: A Guide for Youth) (PDF)

FAQ: Youth & Young Adult Peer Support: What Research Tells Us About its Effectiveness in Mental Health Services (PDF)

Scales (Spanish Version): Introduction to the Escala de Empoderamiento de los Jóvenes — Salud Mental (Youth Efficacy / Empowerment Scale— Mental Health) and the Participación de Jóvenes en Planificación (Youth Participation in Planning Scale). (PDF)

Journal Article: Better Futures: A Validated Model for Increasing Postsecondary Preparation and Participation of Youth in Foster Care with Mental Health Challenges (Journal Website)

Focal Point

The Research and Training Center produces a research review, Focal Point, which is published annually and mailed free of charge to 19,000 readers.

Summer 2015 Focal Point cover
Current issue:
"Trauma-Informed Care"
(2015), v. 29

This issue of Focal Point focuses on trauma-informed care and its growing relevance in research, official policy, practice methods, and organizational structure.

Previous issues available online:


Summer 2014 Focal Point cover

Summer, 2014:

Co-Occurring Disorders
Summer 2013 Focal Point cover

Summer, 2013:

Education & Employment
Summer 2012 Focal Point cover

Summer, 2012:

Healthy Body — Healthy Mind
Summer 2011 Focal Point cover

Summer, 2011:

Healthy Relationships
Summer 2010 Focal Point cover

Summer, 2010:

Transitions to Adulthood
Summer 2009 Focal Point cover

Summer, 2009:

Youth Empowerment and Participation in Mental Health Care
mini Winter 09 Focal Point cover

Winter, 2009:

mini Summer 08 Focal Point cover

Summer, 2008:

Caregiver—Child: Mutual Influences on Mental Health
mini winter 2008 focal point cover

Winter, 2008:

mini summer 2007 focal point cover

Summer, 2007:

Effective Interventions for Underserved Populations
mini winter 2007 focal point cover

Winter, 2007:

Traumatic Stress/Child Welfare
mini summer 2006 focal point cover

Summer, 2006:

mini winter 2006 focal point cover

Winter, 2006:

Strengthening Social Support
mini summer 2005 focal point cover

Summer, 2005:

Resilience and Recovery
mini cover of summer 2004 focal point

Summer, 2004:

Partnering with Families
mini fall 2003 focal point cover

Fall, 2003:

Quality and Fidelity in Wraparound
mini summer 2003 focal point cover

Summer, 2003:

Cultural Competence, Strengths, and Outcomes
mini fall 2002 focal point cover

Fall, 2002:

Assessing and Addressing Cultural Competence
mini spring 2002 focal point cover

Spring, 2002:

Building on Strengths in Community Settings
mini focal point fall 2001 cover

Fall, 2001:

The Enrichment Issue
mini spring 2001 focal point cover

Spring, 2001:

Transitions for Children and Youth with Emotional and Behavioral Challenges
mini fall 2000 focal point cover

Fall, 2000:

Roles for Youth in Systems of Care

Click here to download Focal Points prior to 2000.