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Recent Publications

Toolkit: Promoting Positive Pathways to Adulthood: Pathways Transition Training Toolkit (PDF)

Tipsheet: Building Community Supports for Young People in the Transition Years: A Tip Sheet for Service Providers (PDF)

Tipsheet (Spanish version): "Durante las Reuniones no Soporto Cuando..." Una Guía para Facilitadores y Miembros del Equipo ("During Meetings I Can't Stand it When..." A Guide for Facilitators and Team Members) (PDF)

Tipsheet (Spanish version): Sugerencias para tus Reuniones en Equipo: Una Guía para Jóvenes (Tips for Your Team Meetings: A Guide for Youth) (PDF)

FAQ: Youth & Young Adult Peer Support: What Research Tells Us About its Effectiveness in Mental Health Services (PDF)

Scales (Spanish Version): Introduction to the Escala de Empoderamiento de los Jóvenes — Salud Mental (Youth Efficacy / Empowerment Scale— Mental Health) and the Participación de Jóvenes en Planificación (Youth Participation in Planning Scale). (PDF)

Journal Article: Better Futures: A Validated Model for Increasing Postsecondary Preparation and Participation of Youth in Foster Care with Mental Health Challenges (Journal Website)

Staff List


bullet Janet Walker (Director)
bullet Nancy Koroloff
(Coordinator of Research)
bullet John Ossowski (Dissemination Manager)
bullet Donna Fleming
(Center Manager)
bullet Nicole Aue
(Publications and Multimedia Manager)
bullet Amy Bass (Support Staff)
bullet Halley Doherty-Gary (Support Staff)

Research Projects

Project Futures: Fostering Unity Towards Uplifting Resilience, Education, and Success
Jessica Schmidt: Principal Investigator.
Shannon Turner: Project Manager.
Sarah Geenen: Principal Investigator.
Laurie Powers: Principal Investigator.
Molly Oberweiser-Kennedy: Graduate Research Assistant.

EASA Connections
Tamara Sale: Principal Investigator.
Ryan Melton: Principal Investigator.
Dora Raymaker: Project Manager.
Christina Wall: Young Adult Coordinator.

TEC-PD: Technology-Enhanced Coaching for Positive Development
Janet Walker: Principal Investigator.
Celeste Seibel: Project Manager.

S/PAC: System Policy Analysis and Change
Nancy Koroloff: Co-Principal Investigator.
Barbara Friesen: Co-Principal Investigator.
Nicholas Buekea: Research Assistant.
Pauline Jivanjee: Project Consultant.

AMP+: Developing the Young Adult Peer Support Workforce
Janet Walker: Principal Investigator.
Celeste Seibel: Project Manager.
Sharice Jackson: Research Analyst.
Mary Beth Welch: Peer Support Training Specialist.
Jesse Homan: Graduate Research Assistant.

Mentee-Nominated Mentoring
Jennifer Blakeslee: Principal Investigator.
Tom Keller: Principal Investigator.
Celeste Seibel: Project Manager.
Janet Walker: Project Collaborator.


The Pathways Transition Training Partnership (PTTP)
Eileen Brennan: Co-Principal Investigator.
Pauline Jivanjee: Co-Principal Investigator.
Caronlina Gonzalez-Prats: Project Manager.