Improving the Lives of Young People with Serious Mental Health Conditions Through Research & Training

Peer-Reviewed Article: A Theory of Change for One-on-One Peer Support for Older Adolescents and Young Adults


This article discusses qualitative data from a study of young people who provide and use peer support. The data was used to develop a theory of change that outlines key activities that constitute a one-on-one peer support role for young people, and describes how and why carrying out these activities should lead to positive outcomes.

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Report: Evidence Supports Interventions for Wellness, Wellbeing and Fun


Beyond Psychotherapy and Medication: Wellness, Wellbeing and Fun Interventions Should be Part of Robust Systems of Care for Youth and Young Adults, a new Pathways publication, reports on the robust research base showing positive mental health outcomes from interventions promoting wellness, wellbeing and fun for youth and young adults.

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Guide: Youth and Young Adult Engagement Toolkit


This toolkit was created by a group of young people who have experience with the mental health system in the state of Oregon and several supportive adults as a part of the Oregon Healthy Transitions Grant (2018-2023). The toolkit was designed to be universal in nature with the hope that it could be applied across multiple settings to elevate and sustain youth and young adult voices.

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Peer-Reviewed Article: Evaluation of a Skills Enhancement Training for Young Adults Providing Peer Support


This new article, published in Psychatric Services, reports on a study investigating a skills-enhancement and role clarification training intervention for young adult peer support specialists (YPSSs). Findings showed post-intervention gains in YPSSs' skills and confidence for providing person-centered planning to the young people they worked with.

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